Shopify PageSpeed Optimization

Is mobile speed a limiting factor of your Shopify Store?

Would you like to resolve all the speed issues your visitors have? Do you want to provide better shopping experience on your Shopify store? Would you like to speed up your home, product and category pages so your customers find the information they need quickly?

This will result in lower bounce rate and more people will be actually checking-out. Also you’ll get some SEO benefits, as Google starts favoriting fast mobile optimized sites more and more.

I can help you speed up your Shopify store to better serve the needs of your mobile and desktop customers.

Load speeds of 4 seconds (and less) and PageSpeed score of 85/100 become a reality after I’ve done my job on your slow website.

This speed optimization service currently costs $439. Contact me for more info and case studies.

For your convenience, I’m offering this service as low-risk, fixed-price package. If this doesn’t meet your needs, drop me a line at to discuss a custom engagement.