Influencing Average Order Value, Part 2

Sometimes you may not be able to increase your price due to lack of uniqueness of your product or general market perception about its cost. But you can sell something along with it!

A second strategy you could use, besides increasing individual product prices can be in well-timed, meaningful upsells. Selling additional related products will definitely increase your AOV.

What do I mean by meaningful upsells? The product offered should make sense in the context of the main purchase:

  • If I’m buying a nerf gun, upsell me on a pack of additional nerf darts.
  • If I’m buying a zen incense burner, upsell me on some incense or sticks to burn.
  • If I’m buying a camera, upsell me on the best carrying case for that particular model.
  • If I’m buying a 2-piece suit, upsell me on the third piece OR an appropriate shirt OR third piece + matching dress shirt
  • Buying a dress shirt? Upsell me on a pocket square OR a neck tie

What do I mean by well-timed upsells? Again, pay attention to the context:

  • picking the size of my dress shirt is not the right time to upsell me on a skinny tie
  • choosing between the options of storage capacity for my new smartphone is not the moment to upsell me on protective cases

The above will be better if offered on the cart page, before finalizing the order, or immediately after the order in a follow-up email. This is something you should also test.